In addition to its own brand products, Gemini designs and manufactures, on behalf of third parties, electronic devices that are either stand-alone or to be integrated into more complex systems (ex. vehicles, gates, shutters, scales, elevators, etc.).

Based on customer demand, Gemini can either design or co-design new products or optimize and modify existing ones.

Integrating product design and manufacturing allows Gemini to offer its customers an easy and highly-efficient product management.

Particular attention is given to medium and low production volumes.

All activities are carried out in Italy, more precisely at Gemini’s headquarters in Bodio Lomnago (VA):

  • mechanical, electric and electronic design
  • engineering
  • prototyping
  • lab tests
  • development of production test procedures and tools

Assembly processes are outsourced to local expert and reliable subcontractors of long-term partnership.