We operate in many areas where we develop the electronics for our customers and integrate it into their products / services.

Below we mention some of the areas in which we work with examples of development:

AUTOMOTIVE: parking sensors; alarm systems; Fleet tracking systems; central locking; control units; (www.gemini-alarm.com)

NAUTICAL: alarm systems; tracking systems;

FAN: electronic components for ventilation systems, air diffusers and gas detectors;

TAPS: electronic faucets;

LIGHTING: in automotive and civil design LED driver and control units with integrated sensors (eg. Cornering, twilight, presence detectors, etc.);

VENDING MACHINES: remote monitoring systems; control units for parameter readings;

LIFTS: motion sensor system; control units;

GATES / ROLL-UP DOORS: entrance automation solutions for industrial doors and residential gates and entrances;

WEIGHING: dynamic weighing and automatic recognition of people and goods.